Yucca Mesa Municipal Advisory Council


A Property Owner’s Association Aimed at Preserving
The Values of Our Community.

Progress Report


Residents and Their Community

The idea is to form a council that would hold regularly scheduled, open meetings. These meetings would be held to discuss and take appropriate action on matters that affect our Yucca Mesa Community. The attending residents would present issues of concern and suggest action. Action committees would be formed and report their progress at subsequent meetings.

Initially, the group would consider such items as street conditions, water runoff, debris removal and the general condition of our neighborhoods. As the group gains credibility in the area other issues could be addressed, crime, fire and utility issues could be considered as well as commercial, wild animal habitat and zoning items. The issues facing our Mesa area are very diverse. This is just a starting point to bring the issues that are important to you to the table.

In these economically challenging times the primary goal of such an organization would be to maintain and/or improve the value of our properties. We hope to accomplish this by joining together to improve the quality of life in the Yucca Mesa Community. Therefore establishing an environment that would attract quality property owners interested in purchasing homes and properties in an economically sound community.

The agenda would include but not be limited to, interacting with state, county and local governments, local law enforcement, local fire agencies, utility companies, absentee landlords and all Yucca Mesa residents just to mention a few.

To accomplish this daunting task we would need the following:

If this concept interests you and you would consider serving in any capacity please leave contact information at www.ymmac.org or email
or a brief message at 760.365.1074
If you don’t have the time to serve but would be interested in supporting such an organization by attending meetings and sending opinions, please let us know. Community interest is a vital part of this concept. If there is interest we will continue to communicate and improve our Yucca Mesa area.